When small is B I G

Have you ever had somebody express your thoughts in a way that resonates deep within producing one of those  ”Ah ha  ” and  ”Amen sister” moments  inside your soul? I bet you have, and I have to “borrow” some more of one of my favorite author’s thoughts because she eloquently captures and expands my thoughts from my last blog about bending down in order to rise up. Ann Voscamp states, “How much larger your life would be if your self could become smaller in it!”

All I have to do is spend a little time in nature in order to experience this sense of smallness before grandeur. A bike ride in the Colorado Rockies, star-gazing on a clear night,  watching the sun disappear into the horizon from the beach,  gasping for breath in the cold air on race day-are just a few wonders that serve to  heighten my sense of my own smallness. This smallness is so  wonderful  because it produces a sense of joyful wonder that makes life large.  Ann goes on to say that all “wonder and worship can only grow out of smallness because the God-likeness within our smallness speaks to Father-God in His magnificence.” Matthew 5:5 says that “God blesses those who are humble, for they will inherit the whole earth.” I worship a King who chose to show His lordship by living and dying a life of pure servanthood and One who says that in order to become great that we must become like  little children.  In order to be great, I bend down to receive His humble greatness, and I become less, and He becomes so much more. I humbly ask Him to live in this constant state of humble thankfulness.

I remind myself of what I wrote in the ”Perspective” blog and it all comes full circle here….I humbly give Him thanks, and I am able to see more of His goodness, which makes me even more humble, more thankful,  more open, and truly more joyful, and God exalts and gives more of this gift of Himself, which humbles even more…..  and…..the cycle repeates….again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get to ride the crest of His waves of  grace, and this surf offers an ultimate joy ride that always has the end result of plunging lower-which  continues this never ending cycle of thanksgiving.

We continue to wait for our precious kids with watchful eyes on the horizon. The wait is filled with paperwork,  logistics, event planning for the Trails for Ticos (which has become my  full-time job), helping in the after school program for the YMCA, and Spanish 101.  Each day of waiting I strive to joyfully embrace each moment.

3 Responses to When small is B I G

  1. Karen says:

    Good words Missy. “When I am weak, then he is strong.” 2 Cor 12:10 Love you guys and continue to support and pray for you during this time of anticipation. :)

  2. Katie Bonner says:

    Hi dear friend!! I love reading your blog and what a treasure this will be to share the story of your journey to be a home and family to 2 children. Julia always wishes she had pictures, cards, etc from before she was with us. This will be such a gift to your children to show them tangibly how you were planning, waiting, searching for them before they even knew and what a sweet story of God’s care and love to them. I am so thankful for you guys and that you are doing this. I am excited for you and the family you are and will become. Selfishly, I am sad because I am not nearby. I am praying. Now that we are in our home here and I was able to change jobs we are going to start foster training again. The intro meeting is in a few weeks. I am excited and I think this job change was a wonderful gift in many ways, one of them being that we could continue with foster care. Anyway, I am so excited and hopeful for you and Patrick!!

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